What’s Better than Beta? Introducing Payd v1

Between August and October this year, we have been running a beta with 1,454 of you, testing out the Payd platform and improving it based on your feedback. With over $4,000 transacted on Payd to date, I can’t express how excited we are to finally launch version 1 of Payd – something better than beta!

Well, we aren’t launching now (soon, very very soon) but here’s what you should expect in v1;

1. Faster, seamless experience

We’ve been working on upgrading our payments infrastructure to enable you get payd (pun intended), send and spend your money faster and with less stress. With v1 of Payd, transactions will be fast and seamless allowing you to focus on your gigs and your clients.

Local transactions in Kenya will now be powered by SasaPay and Pesalink while both local and international card transactions will be powered by Paystack.

2. Revised (cheaper, lol) pricing model

From the feedback you gave us, we have revised our pricing model to make it more flexible and friendly for you. We will be charging a markup on Ksh 10 only (roughly $0.06) for payments and payouts done on the platform.

Depositing directly to your Payd wallet will however remain free, save for charges by the respective provider ie Mobile Money, Bank or Card provider.

You can find an updated list of provider charges and total transaction costs here.

3. More ways to get paid and spend

We’ve added more stones to our gauntlet (if you get it) to allow you get paid and send money directly to your preferred platform. Users in Kenya will now enjoy payments and payouts to Mpesa, Airtel Money, T-Kash and local banks on the Pesalink network. All users can also access payments and top-ups from local and international cards on all the major card networks.

Additionally, users can make payments directly to Mpesa till numbers and paybills from their Payd wallets.

4. Smooth onboarding and KYC verification

The onboarding process on v1 has been simplified, making it easy for you to start getting paid as fast as possible. Getting your KYC documents verified will now be automated and close to instant.

We are dedicated to providing you with solutions that will enable you transform your freelance hustle into a sustainable, reliable income source. Payments are just but the beginning. Join the Payd Fam to stay updated on upcoming tools and features.

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